Family Assistant

View the real-time location of family on the map, one person purchases for a family of five to use for free

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One person purchases, the whole family uses

Share your purchase with family members. No longer does every member of your family need to separately purchase the service. Family members can enjoy the service without extra cost.

What can Trackmobi do?

  • Create family group, share real-time location

    Synchronize your family members into a private group. Trackmobi allows you to create your invite-only family group with up to five members and privately share real-time location information. It brings your whole family closer, stays safe and organizes your activities.

  • Trigger emergency SOS, call for help

    Press SOS button in case of emergency. An SOS message with your current location will be sent to your emergency contacts. They can see where you are located and provide timely help. It’s especially useful when kids leaves or enters park, playground, school.

  • See location history of your loved ones

    Check location history and add an additional layer of protection. You’ll be able to see the location points and movements of family members during past 7 days. No need to frequently text or call your family to know where they have been. Both parents and caregivers can reduce anxiety around the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Check out our customer reviews

  • Jack

    Trackmobi is really a game changer! I used to be concerned about my child's safety as he often went out with friends in late evening. Now I can locate his whereabouts and ensure his safety.

  • Wendy

    Using Trackmobi makes me and my family feel at ease. It allows us to locate and share location with family members. We can provide timely help when family members need help.

  • Linda

    I can finally know my daughter's location. She is active in adventurous activities and sometimes goes to an unfamiliar part of the city with friends, but Trackmobi helps me deal with that. It's really a fantastic tool for parents!


View the real-time location of family on the map, one person purchases for a family of five to use for free